Excellwell Athletic FLOW Program



Get “in the zone” every game, match, or play with Excellwell’s proprietary flagship
offering. This all-inclusive and comprehensive program features three months of 1:1
coaching with a targeted approach to deliberate and strategic sustainment of athletic
FLOW. Each Athletic FLOW participant follows a lock-step training format using a
combination of content and equipment including technology (heart rate variability),
positive psychology, and physiology to learn the deliberate deployment and sustainment
of the FLOW state within their specific sport.

The comprehensive program includes the following elements:

Coaching Sessions
(6) One-hour sessions (Virtual or In-Person)
(3) Half-hour tele-session

Technology Kit Usage
– Heart-Rate Variability System with Sync to Coach
– Equi-Sync Binaural Music Kit

Four Month Supply of Essential Nutrients
– Liquid Multi-Vitamin Body Boost Formula (AM)
– Liquid Mental Boost Formula (AM)
– Liquid Cal/Mag D-3 Calm Formula (PM)
– Liquid Whole Food Trace Minerals Restore Formula (PM)

** Customized and Team/Group FLOW programs available upon request **


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