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At Excellwell we utilize the most innovative, natural, and scientifically validated principles of Positive Psychology, Neuro/Bio Sciences, and Performance Technology to help you develop mental strategies to achieve excellence in Human Performance.

Our methodology and approach to performance coaching have been crafted and refined through the vast experiences of our highly qualified staff. Our credentials include a Doctorate in Psychology, Board Certifications in Professional coaching and Health/Wellness coaching, and HeartMath Institute Certified Practitioner.

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Excellwell offers the following Peak Performance Coaching services to athletes at any level of competition:

  • Peak Performance Mindset Package

  • Athletic Resilience Package

  • Peak Performance Visioning Package

  • Athletic FLOW Training

  • Essential Nutrient Program

Contact us today for a free Athletic Mindset Assessment!


Excellwell offers the following Workshops and Consulting Services to Sports Teams and Clubs:

  • Peak Performance Mindset Workshop with Free Assessment for Athletes

  • Emotional Regulation Seminars

  • Competitive Visioning and Focus Training

  • Positive Psychology Practices for Performance

  • Athletic FLOW Training

  • Nutritional Analysis


Excellwell offers the following services to assist students and organizations with optimized classroom and test performance:

  • Social / Emotional Competency Training

  • Distribution of HeartMath Institute’s Smart Brain Wise Heart

  • Test / Performance Anxiety Mitigation Strategies

  • Self, Social, and Environmental Awareness Skills

  • Resilience Building and Self-Regulation Strategies

  • Essential Nutrient Program


Excellwell offers a variety of Human Performance and Mental Edge consulting services. We can assist in the following areas:

  • Peak Mental Performance Analysis

  • Emotional Regulation and Control

  • Heart-Rate Variability Training

  • Visualization Training

  • Essential Nutrient Program


Barbara A – North Carolina

Exceptional, Professional & Effective Coaching Skills, Techniques and Styles

Barbara A – North Carolina

Julia M – Indiana

I have been using the vitamins and minerals that Excellwell offers for a few months now. Since then, I’ve been sleeping better, have more energy, and feel physically much better.

Julia M - Indiana

Ryan W – Indiana

I am pleased to be a part of the Excellwell Essential Nutrient Program. The Excellwell professionals were very professional in explaining these products to me and the results I am receiving from using these products are fantastic. I have plenty of energy and focus in the morning after taking the AM daily intake and then feel relaxed in the evening after taking the PM daily intake. I highly recommend the Excellwell Essential Nutrient Program!

Ryan W – Indiana

Beth J – Indiana

I really enjoyed the massage chairs. It’s a nice little break during my lunch hour. It’s very soothing and it helps loosen those tight muscles. I feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Beth J – Indiana

Chris S – Indiana

Excellwell helped me and coached me using Heartmath breathing technique’s. This was during a time in my life I was struggling with health, depression, and overall stress. During my time using the Heartmath system I was able to learn about breathing and meditation that comes with a calmness. This was three years ago and to this day I still take time at least once a day and when life has its moments to breathe and focus. The Excellwell professionals also helped me with visualization using my own words to achieve my goals and find my serenity.

Chris S - Indiana
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