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At Excellwell we utilize the most innovative, natural, and scientifically validated principles of Positive Psychology, Neuro/Bio Sciences, and Performance Technology to help you develop mental strategies to achieve excellence in Human Performance.

Our methodology and approach to performance coaching have been crafted and refined through the vast experiences of our highly qualified staff. Our credentials include a Doctorate in Psychology, Board Certifications in Professional coaching and Health/Wellness coaching, and HeartMath Institute Certified Practitioner.

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Excellwell offers the following Peak Performance Coaching services to athletes at any level of competition:

  • Peak Performance Mindset Package

  • Athletic Resilience Package

  • Peak Performance Visioning Package

  • Athletic FLOW Training

  • Essential Nutrient Program

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Excellwell offers the following Workshops and Consulting Services to Sports Teams and Clubs:

  • Peak Performance Mindset Workshop with Free Assessment for Athletes

  • Emotional Regulation Seminars

  • Competitive Visioning and Focus Training

  • Positive Psychology Practices for Performance

  • Athletic FLOW Training

  • Nutritional Analysis


Excellwell offers the following services to assist students and organizations with optimized classroom and test performance:

  • Social / Emotional Competency Training

  • Distribution of HeartMath Institute’s Smart Brain Wise Heart

  • Test / Performance Anxiety Mitigation Strategies

  • Self, Social, and Environmental Awareness Skills

  • Resilience Building and Self-Regulation Strategies

  • Essential Nutrient Program


Excellwell offers a variety of Human Performance and Mental Edge consulting services. We can assist in the following areas:

  • Peak Mental Performance Analysis

  • Emotional Regulation and Control

  • Heart-Rate Variability Training

  • Visualization Training

  • Essential Nutrient Program


Excellwell helped me progress in the physical and mental aspects of my sport in ways I believed were out of reach.

Nick U. – IHSAA Baseball Pitcher

The Excellwell Athletic Flow program gave me the mental edge I needed for succeeding this season. As a bonus the new skills I have learned helped me throughout my day to day life!

Zach Shuster, Freestyle Skier – Ski Club Vail

My goals have become more easily attainable through Excellwell’s Heart Rate Variability training, excellent guidance for my unique sport, and encouragement . The results are there physically and mentally for my sport that demands both. I’m very grateful.

Gary Sobczak, Speedgolf Athlete (National and World level Competitor)  

Excellwell has provided excellent resources for our ISWA members. The research and Mental Mindset program Dr. Hoffman has shared with our coaches, parents  & athletes has proven valuable. The ISWA & Dr. Hoffman created a series of videos called Mindset Mondays. This has been most helpful for staying connected and explaining an easy step by step understanding of Excellwell’s Mental Mindsets, during the Pandemic. Both in person and virtual opportunities have allowed our members a deeper understanding of Excellwell’s  expertise. One of the most fundamental components to our Mindset Monday’s is a  survey on our website and social media platforms. These surveys create real results to help narrow down which mindset needs attention. The ISWA’s relationship with Dr. Hoffman continues improving mindsets in the wrestling community as he develops effective results individually and within teams.

Indiana State Wrestling Association

Learning to develop the skill of increasing flow state through HRV training with Dr. Hoffman at Excellwell helped me to ‘fast forward’ some stretch development and process goals for my training. I’m seeing the best power output numbers on the bike that I’ve ever had and riding better than I knew was possible all through Excellwell coaching of mindset and ‘flow’.

Korin Evans – Master’s 40+ Pro Cyclist

We had Dr Hoffman speak with our 13u Midwest Astros baseball team. It was such a blessing to have him break down the mental side of competition.  The mental side of each players game now has the ability to grow.  Dr. Hoffman is a true professional!

MidWest Astros Baseball

Through the Excellwell program, I have vastly improved my ability to achieve athletic flow in my performances. I am a much better, more consistent player because of this.

NCAA D1 Basketball Player

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